1. Read Chapter 6 of the text book: Coordination

2. Read Biology4Kids’ The Nervous System

3. Go through the following presentation on Coordination:

4. Go through these sites/activities:

BBC Bites on The Nervous System – click on the revision tab and then try the activity.

– The 5 separate steps involved in the automatic heat reflex response:

The human nervous system

How the nervous system works to coordinate a conscious response to a stimulus


Reflex Action

5. The Eye

– Go through the following presentation:

– A journey through the human eye:

– Mr Exham dissects a pig’s eye:

Playlist on the eye

Cow’s eye dissection

– Practise labelling the eye here

– Test on the function of each structure in the eye here

How the eye works

Accommodation of the human eye

The eye in bright and dim conditions

Problem vision


The Nervous System (where most of the animations are taken from)

The Nervous System – 46 videos… choose which are relevant

– Khan Academy: The Neuron & Nervous System