I have nothing but the deepest loathing for IE. I hate it… haaaate it with a vengeance.

I use the lovely Firefox – if you don’t use it, WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN? Get it… Go on! *shoo*

Another browser you should try is Opera. Yes, I am sure you know about all the different browsers that exist, so why this post?

Well! The Opera browser comes with ads – you would have to pay US$39 to get rid of them. Opera is having its 10-year online anniversary party now and giving out party favors! If you join their party, which lasts till 12 midnight Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT), you will get a free registration code which will make the browser ad-free.

It’s nice having it around if only to see if your site’s design is cross-browser compatible.

*Update* – It’s FREE!