Just a bunch of crazies


We are a family of three four five based in West Lafayette (Indiana), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Singapore, Islamabad, Pakistan. We are Muslims and are multi-cultural/ethnic. We love crafts and are book mad and struggle to keep a tidy house because of these obsessions passions. We love having people equally obsessed with books over though, so if you can turn a blind eye to our madness and mayhem, then do drop by for tea. (Bring a bag of chips… I love me some chips.)

We are:

  • King Dad aka The Dad Man, my down-to-earth husband who has big ideas and an even bigger heart
  • Me, the head crazy… wannabe crafter and journal-mad mum
  • Marz (aka Ms M aka Ms Muffet aka Marzipan)… 17 going on 30… my no-longer-little old soul who goes through books like we go through air
  • Bear (aka Cookie)… 14, who has a penchant for art and all kinds of diva-ness
  • Peep… 7, the de facto boss of the house… rambunctious, lovable and adores vehicles of all kinds!

We are a homeschooling family and generally love it. (It gives me an excuse to bust the bank on books.) However, if you are looking for a blog that denounces school, you will need to jog on. I am not a militant homeschooler and I am not against those who choose to send their kids to school. Our choice is ours, suited to our circumstances and lifestyle.

I don’t want to paint a rosy picture of our home and our homeschooling days, so if this blog sounds like one big feel-good diary, let me set the record straight. There are doubts, sadness, frustration and loss of tempers. (Yes, lots…) There are days when I feel like screaming (and I do it too!) and there are days when I feel like throwing in the towel. I don’t talk about those days much here though and that isn’t because I want to image craft. It’s just not what this blog is about. This blog is a record of my heartwarming moments, so that I may be reminded that I am blessed… so that I may focus (and refocus) on and draw inspiration from the beautiful times.

I don’t need to contribute to the cesspool of cynicism and negativity on what I call the internet webs (haha). I figure, if you don’t know me well, then I would rather that you took something positive from me and if you do know me well, then you know already that my life has its share of struggles and imperfections.

This blog is about celebrating the joys.

It’s about making memories and keeping the faith.