An excerpt from an article by Jimmy Kerr at the SSP blog.


In the spirit of Zola, I accuse several institutions of perpetrating a sustained character attack on the people of Palestine, the Arab world and Islam.

I accuse the corporations of propping up, what is almost universally recognized as a pariah state for having any dealings within that state and for making money out of that state.

I accuse the vast majority of our cultural leaders and so-called personalities, who are in a position to grab the media agenda of covering their mouths either in fear or in willful ignorance instead of speaking out as befits people of their stature

I accuse the vast majority of academics and other educated people, of similar crimes to celebrities, all the more heinous, given their intellect and their unique position in society as educators as well as agenda setters. I accuse them of refusing to engage with the issue in any meaningful way.

I accuse that fourth-rate estate of propagating an image of the average Palestinian as something separate from “us” in effect creating a false division, for underreporting the blockade and for blacking out the truth of the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict

Finally, I accuse our so-called political leaders and elected representatives of tolerating the Pariah State of Israel and its long history of hideous crimes. I accuse those cardboard cut-outs of doing virtually nothing whilst this state gets away with mass murder.

Not once have any of those despicable cut-outs ever made an unequivocal statement against Israel. Anything that they say is tempered and undermined by support for Israel. They never mention injustice, only that the bombs and rockets should stop, they never mention the Palestinian dead. They never give the historical context. They are a disgrace, second only in their horribleness to their friends in the media.

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