Ms M looks but isn’t the girly sort. She likes pretty scarves and pins, princessy dresses, flowers and lace. She also loves learning about spies and the World Wars. She was heavily into snakes at one point and never got queasy watching Venom ER and Austin Stevens at my mum’s.

She went craaaazy over pirates – no, not the Johnny Depp kind, thank you very much… the real ones! We read all about pirates, baked pirate cookies, attended a pirate party, put together a Jolly Roger and also made a pirate ship out of Hama beads. We also got a lovely surprise from the family behind Islamic Unit Studies – a pirate colouring book with stickers! You gotta love the blogging community :)

Some books we read:


Here are some links that you might find useful… I am still trying to download the book from WOWIO – if anyone in the US can help me, I’d appreciate it!