We have been blessed to find loads of books on a variety of subjects here in Islamabad courtesy of our two favourite booksellers – Alvi Book Bank and Jumbo Book Sale. Mr Alvi really needs to get larger premises – I worry that my kids will be injured by an avalanche when they try to tackle his precarious piles of books. Still, he’s helped us secure such wonderful literature and enough Science texts to last us for at least 3 years that we are not complaining (much). Jumbo Book Sale has been wonderful in that we have found many vintage Weekly Readers (I just love the thick papers and monochrome illustrations… they really don’t make ’em like they used to!) and award-winning chapter books.

I’d love to do some reviews here but I am wondering if I should use our Goodreads account or just feature them here on my blog. For those of you who read my blog (there must be … what? two of you? :P), I’d like your opinion on this.