Head of the Class

Head of the Class provides preschool through eighth grade parents, learners, and teachers with free access to curriculum-based content. Organized by grade-level, you will find instruction, activities, and multimedia on reading, math, spelling, writing, art, history, music, geography, science, Spanish, and more.

At Head of the Class, we believe education should be free. Our team’s goal is to make education readily available to everyone. Our software works on PCs, Macs, as well as Smartboards with no downloads or special software required.

Head of the Class was created for all learners. Advanced learners have the opportunity to move ahead one or more grade levels; learners who have struggled in the past, can build a strong foundation for success; other learners can master fundamentals that take them to the Head of the Class.

Within Head of the Class you will find:

  • Thousands of pages of curriculum-based instruction organized by grade level
  • Hundreds of videos presenting a variety of art activities
  • Thousands of dynamic worksheets, the contents of which change each time you open them
  • Hundreds of applications that teach math, phonics, spelling, and much more
  • Online coaching and encouragement from Happy & Max
  • Hundreds of multimedia presentations on science, geography, history, and more
  • Baseline test instruments you can use to measure your learner’s progress
  • … and much more!

You did get that it is F-R-E-E right? :)