JASON Science

A nonprofit subsidiary of the National Geographic Society, JASON connects young students with great explorers and great events to inspire and motivate them to learn science. Its core curriculum units are designed for 5th – 8th grade classrooms but are flexible enough to be adapted for higher or lower grades.

The JASON Project was founded by Dr. Robert Ballard, the scientist and oceanographer who, in 1986, discovered the wreck of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. Ballard’s breakthrough development of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) enabled scientists located far from a research site to remotely observe and record scientific phenomena otherwise inaccessible to them. Impressed by the many requests he received from students who wanted to learn more about his Titanic expedition, Dr. Ballard began to explore ways to bring the excitement of real scientific discovery into the classroom. In 1989, he established The JASON Project, a pioneering organization that uses multimedia tools and cutting-edge technology to engage students in scientific research and expeditions led by leading scientists.

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