There are times when I wish ‘well-meaning’ people would just back off and stop trying to add value to my children’s education.

If you cannot impart knowledge to my kids in a positive and encouraging way, then please be so good as to recognise your shortcoming and leave them alone.

Please, before you start quizzing Ms M on the finer points of Geography, check that you can ask her questions without GRILLING her and making her feel as if a wrong answer would diminish her in your eyes. Please do not ask her to repeat things that you had taught her in front of company. She is not a performer and it is certainly not her job to validate you. She is learning and learning a lot each day, so I would appreciate it if you would not act as if there are numerous gaps that you need to fill on my behalf.

She loves you and I know you love her, but really, you must stop this.

[Lion image from Pexels]