Tea, my friend, I know you will love this! And for those of you who like a holistic scheme of work – ah! the science of relations! – I know you will love this too :)

Quran Curriculum - Surah An-Naas

Two lovely home-educating sisters from the UK, Umm Raiyaan and Oum Loubabah are working together on a Qur’an curriculum. In this, they will not only go through the tafseer of the chapters of the Qur’an but also study bring in the scientific, historical and geographical aspects that the chapters touch on. There are art and craft ideas as well.

SO! Check out Umm Raiyaan’s blog where she has listed the curriculum and resources for Surah An-Naas. It’s really wonderful ma shaa Allah so go, go, GO!

Edit: The blog Ummi Homeschools Me has now been marked private by the owner. You’ll need a WordPress account to request access – I’ve not been successful! :(