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It’s actually been quite lovely to be back in Islamabad. I fretted through packing suitcases and grumbled (inwardly) during the flight. I quaked when I saw the amount of vacuuming and tidying that I had to do once I hit Pakistan and still miss my family in Singapore, but now that I am all settled in, I am quite alright really.

There, I’ve said it. I am fine with being back.

Yes, we’ve had mountains of laundry from the trip and still more from the layers of warm clothes we go through each day… and yes, we’ve had runny noses and chilled toes, but seriously, we are blessed in ways we can’t enumerate, so we’ve more or less gone through our issues with winter with smiles.

Our shambolic living area was given a makeover in our absence. The Dad Man, Dadi and Anees pulled out all the stops and gave us a special kind of homecoming, ma shaa Allah. Marz and Bear have their room back, so they are happy campers. We miss the obstacle course of books and desks… Bibliomaniacs that we are, we’ll always crave the feeling of being surrounded by books. However, it was high time to admit that the Lightbulb Lab was taking over our place (like literally!). Alhamdulillah, the Dad Man had room in the office space he’s renting, so the books have a new home. We still have a large book case in our hallway and we visit the Lightbulb Lab often, so we still have books — just enough so our compulsion for a tome is satisfied, but just not that many that we feel like we can’t breathe! The glass room is still a work in progress, but the leaks have been plugged up and is decent enough that I no longer call it names or pretend it isn’t there ;) There is potential for craftiness there, in shaa Allah!

Is that hope and cheer you’re hearing from me? You bet!

We’ve been cramming lots homeschool-wise. We’ve HAD to after our last trip and in view of upcoming trips (in shaa Allah). I’ve gone back to ‘school’ too and am taking a few courses. It has been a humbling experience — I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it has been a struggle. I’ve realised that it is all good though. I’ve been reminded of how little I know and how much harder I need to work. I’ve also been reminded of how tough it must be for my children and how I should be kinder to them.

I have a few resources to share, but Peep has been up to his shenanigans again. Last night, it was this:

Never... NEVER... leave the boy alone with a box of tissues... Or in today's case, a jar of ink.
Never… NEVER… leave the boy alone with a box of tissues… Or in today’s case, a jar of ink.

I wish you happy sunshiney days!

3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum, so wonderful to see you back, alhamdulillaah, missed all of you. Jazzakillaah khayr for the mail, will reply soon. So am waiting to see what you are upto getting back to school, am sure something very interesting. We have had changes too, will write and mail you soon. Hope to see some more adventures on your side.

  2. Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatulahay wa barakatahu dear sister in Islam,

    I am truly inspired by your blog posts. I live in Islamabad and want to homsechool my child. For this I need some healthy interaction and useful tips from experienced people like you. I would be very glad if you contact me on my email.

    Looking forward to your response inshallah.

    Assalam o alaikum

  3. As salamu alaikum, sister

    In sha Allah i hope you are coping well with everything!
    Sis, do you know any homeschoolers in Singapore?
    In sha Allah, we will be making hijrah to Johor Bahru and looks like i will continue to homeschool my children there.
    If you do, can you please pass me their emails or contact numbers?
    And i hope to meet you one day….in sha Allah.

    Jazak Allahu Khair!

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