I haven’t given up on this blog. I had contemplated taking it all down considering I don’t update it as often as I could or should. When I do, my posts are hardly what you would call witty or earth-shaking. I think I will hold on to it for a bit more, though. I’ve had it for a while now and I suppose, it has some sentimental value.

I had not wanted to move to Pakistan this time – I had built a life in Singapore. We had our family and friends, favourite haunts, activities and a cosy place we felt was home. I fully understood the wisdom behind moving and even suggested it long before we were actually compelled to. Still, in my heart of hearts, I wished to remain in Singapore.

I had all sorts of reasons to detest life in Pakistan – the weather wreaks havoc on my health… there is no public transport … there is nowhere to go even if there were public transport… it is inefficient… it isn’t clean… people keep asking me why my kids don’t go to school and treat us as oddities… the kids don’t really have friends here… there ISN’T ANYTHING TO DO!

The funny thing is, relocating to Pakistan for the second time wasn’t all that difficult… rather like slipping into a pair of comfortable old shoes that have grown on me over time. I’ve always told my kids to make du`aa to Allah in good times and bad and alhamdulillah, Allah always gives us what we need when we need it. We asked for friends and alhamdulillah, we were blessed to meet two homeschooling families, a crafting wiz whom my kids delightedly call Knitting Aunty and a sweet sister from Karachi. We dreaded ennui and tedium and alhamdulillah, Allah saved us with an abundant supply of books as well as karate classes which the children love.

I’ve adjusted well enough to finally take my crafting stash out and work on a few projects:

Knee Patch

Mended – Ms M’s jeans

I finally patched Ms M’s raggedy jeans. A piece of fabric from my stash, fusible buckram and embroidery floss and we were good to go. Not bad considering I am completely rubbish at sewing!

Choti No. 2

Choti #2

Last year, I hand-sewed a rag doll for Bear whom we named Choti. She was a cheeky creature and the poor thing was awfully wonky, as most of my endeavours turn out. Still, the kids loved her and brought her just about everywhere they went. On one occasion, a little girl they met at the library took a fancy to Choti. She refused to leave, causing her mum much distress. The girls very kindly gave her Choti. Since then they have begged for a replacement so here is Choti No. 2 in progress.

I still miss Singapore and would probably always prefer it to Pakistan but I think I can concede that I now have two homes and I am more than grateful for both.