A word from Soumy Ana:

The books I write are inspired by my knowledge of teaching and of Islam, two of my great loves. I constantly do research, scrupulously seek for multiple points of view and verify my sources. Furthermore, I consult with religious and knowledgeable people. However, I am not a specialist in any of the areas I write about. Neither am I a religious scholar. I think my work may interest some people. At least, it is an open road to many more textbooks and free Islamic fiction based on Islamic teachings. You can also find some more stories by navigating the different categories of the site. I think they might inspire you.

If you’re at your wits’ end looking for good Islamic reads for your kids, then you must visit Soumy Ana’s site. She has a free chapter book entitled Children of Faith, a young Muslim teen in a new country. There are loads of other resources as well like Islamic Curriculum, Craft Ideas for Muslims and chapter books for sale. She has several free downloads as well at her old blog.

Awesome work ma shaa Allah!