The kids have been very ill, so it has been a worrying time. They’ve been rather quiet and spent most of last week in bed, the poor things. If you know my rowdy little ruffians, you will know that this is highly unsual behaviour! Rocket the cat misses them to bits, but I’m sure the neighbours are relieved to have some tranquility!

They’ve been too weak for lessons or classes, but alhamdulillah, we’ve not put learning on hold :) They have been reading (ah! the new books are just gorgeous stuff!) or been read to and have been enjoying lots of documentaries. I used to worry about not doing enough, but I honestly believe now that they don’t have to be filling up pages of written work to be getting valuable knowledge.

Here are some documentaries we’ve purchased and been watching. Our video vendors in both Singapore and Pakistan are surprised that my kids don’t watch cartoons/movies in general (I’ve only let them watch a select few.) The one in Singapore is pleased about it because he believes that children these days watch too much nonsense, while the one in Pakistan is convinced I’m robbing my kids of their childhood :P

Anyway, here they are… write-ups will follow another day in shaa Allah.