My smally dolly …

  • is talking a lot more… she says, “Alhambali-eelah” (Alhamdulillah), “Alaa-may-koom” (As salaamu `alaykum) and “Jallah `ayran!” (JazakAllah khayran)
  • is quite the drama mama … after a bit of tickles and rough and tumble, she flopped down on the bed and declared melodramatically “Aaaahhh! Tiiired!”
  • speaks more Urdu and Punjabi than English – she is her Dada’s little girl all right!
  • is deliciously lovable – she gives generously squishy, squidgy good morning hugs to her big sister without fail
  • is altogether too cuddly for anyone’s own good!


Love you muchly, Bear!