Notebooking – Prophet Idris

Continuing with our notebooking adventure… here is the second set of notebooking papers in the Lives of the Prophets series :) This is for the story of Prophet Idris `alayhis salaam. His story is a little short, but I’ve included different papers that you can use depending on how you want to write out the lessons.

Mars liked the font that I used in the Prophet Adam papers and wanted her notebook to have a uniform look. I like trying out different fonts. So there are two versions for you to download.

Here’s Set A, which you can download here or at Scribd.

And here’s Set B that you can download here or at Scribd.

I hope you find them useful!

One thought on “Notebooking – Prophet Idris

  1. Assalamualaikum wr wb Sister

    I am totally inspired by you! I love reading your blogs and admire you for all the things you’ve done for your kids. Homeschooling is what I will never dare do. But you are doing great!

    I have been thinking about doing home projects for my kids. Still in the ideas stage, but I hope I can start soon. My eldest will be doing research on Albany and Our Holiday in Singapore Project, all to be completed by end of June. See how inspired I am by you?! I have yet to plan for the other 3 kids!

    Keep writing, Sister. Hope to start a webpage of my own soon!
    Malis ;)

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