We’ve been taking it slow on the homeschooling front – it’s just been Qur’an, Arabic and Math – as we have family who’ve come all the way from Michigan to stay with us! Alhamdulillah, the girls have been having a blast with their little cousins and I’ve been enjoying lots of heart-to-heart chit-chats with my sister-in-law. We have a lot in common and it is nice discussing faith, parenting and homeschooling issues with someone who is on the same page.

I’ve not been spending as much time updating my blog as I should, but here’s some belated good news for all of you looking for some free material.

Head of the Class - 5th Grade

Head of the Class - 5th Grade Curriculum released!

Head of the Class has released its 5th grade curriculum! There are 399 skills your fifth grade learner should know, supported by over 1,000 learning activities. Fifth grade learners will study math, science, reading, writing, spelling, music, geography, history, the fifty states, and Spanish. It’s all F-R-E-E! Head of the Class plans to release curricula for 6th to 8th grades this year too so check in on them.

Pretty fly, no? :)