Spelling Connections

Spelling Connections is the only spelling program for Grades K-8 that utilizes a 5-day plan for spelling success. A complete program, Spelling Connections offers a full line of program components, including online and optional resources as well as a variety of assessment options.

Spelling Connections makes it easy for students to

  • learn valuable spelling patterns and strategies.
  • retain more of their learning using practical study tools and activities.
  • transfer more spelling knowledge for success in reading, writing, and test-taking.

You can download Home Spelling Practice and Spelling Worksheets (Grades K-8) for FREE (wooo hoo!!). These pages may be printed for use at the beginning of the week to introduce the current spelling words and at the end of the week to preview next week’s spelling words. Homework Master pages (English only) may be printed to provide additional spelling practice in a game-like format.