Dreadfully tardy or should I say fashionably late, Digital Jewel? *S*

I have been tagged… Yippee! Someone actually reads my boring blog!

7 Random Things About Me

1. I have more than 2 gmail accounts. OK, OK… I have 5 6.

2. I consult a doctor named Wicky Wong about my asthma.

3. I have never felt comfortable with my given names – my first is not used by family and my second can also be a masculine name. Either way, both make me feel awkward about my identity. I don’t know what I would name myself if I were given the option.

4. I often forego sleep because there are so many things I would rather do instead.

5. I went backpacking in India in 1997 and had the time of my life.

6. I wanted to be a neurosurgeon when I was a child. I now want to be a writer… sadly, the only books I have published are educational assessment books! (place track laughter here) If you live in Singapore and know my not-used-by-family-first name and masculine middle name you might have seen some of these… heh…

7. I love tea, don’t you? No? Sorry, can’t talk to you anymore…