Today seemed like an ordinary day. The heat and humidity made it oppressive and since my husband is away, I was destined to spend yet another day at home. I did a mountain of laundry, horsed around with the children, read till I was hoarse and napped.

I woke up feeling disgruntled that the day had been boring… uneventful.

Less than two hours later, while having dinner, we heard a loud blast. A bomb had exploded at a site where a lawyers’ rally was to have taken place. This was at a market that we frequent, less than five minutes away from our home. Sixteen people have been killed and more than 40 injured by the suicide bomber.

This and recent events in the country have left us deeply saddened.

You know, when your two-year-old is happy her uncle has returned home safely saying words, which she understands completely, “There was a bomb over there!”, you suddenly realise that uneventful is not something so bad after all.