Crafty in Isloo

I complain like anything about Pakistan :P

I attack:

  • its dustiness – “I’ve only JUST mopped and my feet are gritty AGAIN!!!”
  • the fact that I can’t go out much – why oh why doesn’t Islamabad have the MRT*?
  • the drivers – why are they always in a rush? I KNOW they know there’s nothing important they have to get to. My sister-in-law says, “Oh but Bhabhi, they HAVE to rush so they can get home and do nothing.” (She is Pakistani… she can say this, OK?)
  • the lack of safety – you read the news… you figure this out…

But… and yes, I say this quite grudgingly… it isn’t so bad here. Yes, there is more poverty than your heart can possibly bear sometimes and there are so many conveniences which I’ve grown accustomed to that I’ve had to forego.

Still, I find that this place keeps me grounded. The people I have met are supremely kind, friendly and sincere, so much so I am often ashamed of my cynical ways and acerbic jibes.

Here, I am reminded of how fragile life is, how hard life can be for many people who live and die poor and without hope, how courageous some people are in the face of struggle and most of all, how very very fortunate I am.

The power went out earlier today (load shedding – the first of many). I was about to get very grumpy when I remembered that last winter, we always took out our sewing when the electricity was down. We’ve brought quite a stash from Singapore. (Ignore the fact that I am rubbish at photography OK?) Just seeing the colourful fabrics and threads made our day :) Alhamdulillah for little blessings.

So, I’ll try to keep busy and to remind myself that I really have it good. :)

* MRT – Mass Rapid Transit … the train/subway in Singapore