< cringe >

I’ve just realised that I must sound very patronising every time I talk about Pakistan. Either I go on and on about how much ‘luckier’ I am than everyone else – mawkish bleeding heart, eh? – or my ungovernable acid tongue goes into overdrive. In both cases, I make my new home sound like a dreadful dump that has its general populace wringing their hands in despair.

< /cringe >

So, I won’t promise to be sugar-and-spice-nice all the time :P – honestly, there are too many things to chuckle about (like our water woes). Anyway, as much as I poke fun at this country, it is always done with some measure of affection.

What I will promise is to be fair and showcase some of Pakistan’s charms… one of which is the Etwar Bazaar, where we got some of these here lovely baskets.

Another post for another day in shaa Allah…