Dad's Worksheets

If you have a kid who is allergic to Math, you would understand why I am always on the lookout for creative Math resources. I’ve thrown out all the books that have made Mars cry (oh, I kid you not…) and have embarked on The Smarty Pants Math Club :P It’s really just a funny name for our Math lessons (got the idea from Marilyn Burns’ Math for Smarty Pants). We are using CIMT’s Mathematics Enhancement Programme (free! ahem!), living Math resources and worksheets we’ve downloaded online.

Dad’s Worksheets is one of the sites we are using for additional exercises. This dad has reviews of Math books and resources he has used, downloadable handwriting and graph paper, Spaceship Math (oh, my kids love them catchy names :P) and tonnes of worksheets (5,137 and counting!!)… all FREE!

So pay the site a visit… it is really all that and a bag of chips :)