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Pixel Cafe - Letters

Ibn `Abbas - Answering a Letter...

I used to dabble in creating Islamic graphics – nothing fancy or fabulous because I learnt what I learnt completely through trial and error. I belonged to a Muslimah graphics group back when Mars was a wee thing and I used to make all sorts of sig tags and OE stationery (back in the Dark Ages when people still used Outlook Express!) with the sisters. I lost touch with them due to my many moves as well as health and family issues and I was quite sad to learn that the group is now no more.

I missed the creativity and a few months ago, started tinkering with my Paint Shop Pro again. I figured I should put the bazillion fonts and tubes I’ve saved to good use :) You can download my graphics if you like and if you want smaller versions (I so need to work on properly sizing my work), let me know and I’ll try to make them available to you in shaa Allah.