My first-born turned ten a couple of months ago and at the risk of sounding maudlin, I’ll say, oh, how time has flown! I can’t believe this spunky, cheeky little girl who stole my heart with her precocious ways has grown up so much. She’s always had an old soul. I remember that when she was about two, I pinched her cheeks after a joke and said, “You know, you are so cute ma shaa Allah!” She answered in all earnestness, “No! No! I’m not cute. I’m too big to be cute!” Her serious pronouncement made her look even more adorable, but I didn’t tell her that :) She had always objected very strongly to “being treated like a kid”.

My little big girl is full of grand schemes and shennanigans. She has been growing garlic and onions in her bedroom (we used the sprouts for our tuna sandwich filling!), made a bow (not the sort for your hair… the kind you shoot arrows with) and is planning to make bone needles (because you never know when you need to stitch deerskin for moccasins!).

Two days ago, she made us all lunch – baked pasta with minced chicken, sauce and cheese. She was a little daunted at first but with Bear’s support and much encouragement, she rolled up her sleeves and got into it like a pro. It was delicious ma shaa Allah. I only wish I’d remembered to snap a photo much sooner because this was all that was left once we had attacked it :)

I still don’t have my camera so this grainy photo is all we have… bah…

I remember thinking when I first had Mars that motherhood just didn’t come naturally to me at all. Maybe it did and I didn’t know it or maybe it really didn’t and I somehow grew into it. Whatever the case, Allah gave me a funny first-born who made it easy for me, alhamdulillah.

Mars, you’ve come a long way, ma shaa Allah. Baba and I are so proud of you! :)