Seen and heard..

Mum: It was nice of Aunty and her grand-daughter to visit. Did you like playing with Maymuna?

Kid: Yes, it was fun. She had a nice shawl on, didn’t she?

Mum: Yes! It was lovely ma shaa Allah… hey, it was nice of you to share your blocks with Maymuna.

Kid: Well, she was our guest. Her doll was cute. She didn’t let me play with it.

Mum: She must have thought you would take it away from her. She eased up once we told her that you wouldn’t, right?

Kid: Yeah.

Mum: Anyway, sometimes you will find people who won’t share even after you’ve shared your stuff.

Kid: Yeah. You should still share though.

Mum: Why?

Kid: Cos you don’t do it so they’ll share. You do it so Allah will be pleased.