Thanks homeschooling mums for the comments/private messages and link backs. I am sorry that I don’t have any way for you to subscribe to my blog to get updates. This site runs on WP (I think the most recent one to date is WP3.0.)

So why have I not updated my WP? Well, I was a little lazy because my host does not have a one-click install/update, but it really started out just as a joke, to see how long I could hang on to a decrepit old version of WP. It turns out the joke is on me because now that I’ve let things go too far, I might lose the look of my site if the site is upgraded. (I love my design!) If I start over, I’ll lose the comments because I can’t export this site.

What to do?

Well, I’ll pray nothing goes wrong with my site in shaa Allah and continue with recommending freebies! :P

Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbooks

Scott Foresman offers a free grammar & writing curriculum for Grades 1-6. There are separate handbooks for each grade and they are all in pdf format.

Cool? I think so :)