Scholastic's Summer Steals Downloadables

Scholastic's Summer Steals Downloadables

I’ve been a rubbish blogger. Truth be told, I was away for a long while – my mum was ill. (She is MUCH better alhamdulillah!) Upon returning, I had several site problems which are really too infuriating to recount. (So I won’t.)

ANYWAY! I hope you have all had good homeschooling days.

I’ll be updating the pages in which I list curricula I use – I’ve found more gems for Mars and well, my smally Bear has also begun some serious studyin’! (You can see these pages here, here and here.)

I’m a little late with this but I’ve just found out Scholastic Teacher Express is having a sale! There are over 100 e-books going for a steal – between $1 and $5! My place is just about busting at the seams with books but I just couldn’t resist having a look-see. Believe you me, I am now sorely tempted … *sigh*

The Summer Steals Downloadables is HERE. It’s on till 31st July 2011, so hurry!

Go take a look … go on… you know you want to :P