Ms M loves all things Australian so we have decided to revisit the Land Down Under. Here are some of the things we have done/are doing.

Books & Stories

  • Animal Myths & Legends – of course we don’t believe in these but it was interesting to see how others think.
  • Australia The Gift by Steve Parish – superb photographs by one of Australia’s best-known photographers who has spent much of his life journeying around the country.
  • Australian Mammals Sticker Picture Book by Steve Parish – a gift from my sister… Ms M had fun with this!
  • DK Readers: Outback Adventure – Australian Holiday by Kate McCleod – a nice book about a family seeing the sites in Broome, a remote place in the Australian outback.
  • Kangaroos & Marsupials by Lionel Bender – a very informative and yet easy-to-understand book about the different marsupials. Very good photos!
  • Koala Kate Talks Ablout Koalas by Denise Burt – a little book we found at the second-hand bookstore… all about the life and habits of the koala told from the point of view of a koala! Delightful photographs.
  • Koala Lou by Mem Fox – sweet tale about a koala who feels sidestepped with the arrival of siblings and longs for her mother’s reassurance by trying to win a medal in the Bush Olympics. Listen to Mem Fox reciting it here.
  • Longman’s Inquizitive books: Bushfire – describes how bushfires occur, the damage it can do as well as how the fire can help the bush and animals that live in it.
  • Longman’s Inquizitive books: The Desert Gallery – interesting books about the amazing plants and animals that survive in the harsh Australian desert.
  • Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder – yes, I know it is set in the USA but we drew parallels between the Native Americans and the Aborigines.
  • Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa by Margaret Wild & Kerry Argent – Ms M cried when we first read this! A lonely potoroo, who feels she must eb the last of her kind, meets a lively and kind crocodile, Miss Lily (she has “a very small appetite” and only eats fish). The Last Potoroo is enthralled by her host and her feather boa which made her feel as if “she could do anything – and everything!” With the help of Miss Lily, the potoroo learns about courage and honesty and goes forth to seek others of her kind. She returns to repay Miss Lily’s love with a surprise!
  • People & Animals: Work & Leisure by Barry Silkstone – about the relationship between man and animals, with a focus on those in Australia.
  • Possum Magic by Mem Fox – about Hush and Grandma Poss who gallivant Australia to undo the bush magic spell that made Hush invisible. A good intro to the different Oz cities and food. We didn’t feel comfy with magic so we called it Bush science/chemistry *LOL* and Hobart’s casinos were changed to hotels.
  • Stories from Australia
  • The Magic School Bus Chapter Book: Expedition Down Under

Aussie Geography – Overview


Aboriginal Culture

Uluru/Ayers Rock

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