Revisiting some of these links now that Peep is doing some book learning.

Free online Science stuff for smallies:

  • The Lab of Mr Q – From Scott McQuerry who said, “If it stinks, it’s chemistry. If it’s slimy, it’s biology. And if it doesn’t work, it’s physics”, you can download the entire Elementary Life Science Book for FREE! It includes a teacher’s manual (about 400 pages or so!) and student textbook with experiments, worksheets, tests and answer keys (another 400 pages or so!).
  • Adventures in Chemistry … lots of fun stuff to learn, like “What do braces and satellites have in common?” … Cool experiments and resources for teachers too.
  • Inquiry In Action – resources to help you teach physical science and chemistry concepts. Download their 470-page book for free here.
  • Chemical Educational Foundation – CEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth science education, has developed a K-8 science curriculum supplement called the You Be The Chemist® Activity Guides. There are 2 manuals – one for K-4 and one for 5-8. Over a thousand pages of geeky goodness… Very cool, no?
  • Magic School Bus Science in 180 Days – You will need access to the Magic School bus episodes. This guide is a gem – it has LIVING book recommendations to supplement your Sciencey days! Woo-hoo!