I had a very interesting conversation with Peep at the pool… I was trying to teach him how to swim, but he was afraid of putting his head underwater. He took a while, but eventually dared to blow a few bubbles. We made a game of who could stay longer underwater…

Peep: You won!

Me: Yeah… but only because I’m bigger and I’ve had more practice. You’ll probably be better than I am when you’re older.

Peep: Yes, but when I’m bigger, you won’t be here. You’ll be… passed away.

Me: Hmmm… you’ll be on your own then. No, that’s not true … you’ll have other people to keep you company, in shaa Allah.

Peep: I’ll miss you!!

Me: Oh, you’ll forget all about me!

Peep: Noooo, Allah will remind me always! And you know, I’ll visit you on the Day of Judgement. It will be good because we won’t ever die anymore then.

I think kids understand things a lot better than we do.