I don’t usually enjoy shopping in crowded places but there is a market here in Islamabad that has a certain charm. It is open on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays and sells fruit, vegetables, meat, cooked food, baskets and household items. It is called Jumma (Friday) Bazaar or Itwar (Sunday) Bazaar. (I don’t know what it is called on Tuesdays :P)

It is quite an interesting place, for sure, if you know your way around. My mother-in-law’s helper, Anees, is a resourceful little thing who has managed to land numerous bargains like beautiful serving bowls and glasses, branded winter wear and miniature toys for my girls at excitingly low prices :)

I’m rubbish at photography but here are some shots of a market day in Islamabad…


The bazaar is a good place to buy groceries in bulk as it is cheaper than the neighbourhood markets. You don’t get to choose your vegetables and fruits usually, unless you’ve established a good relationship with the grocers though, so you may end up with food that is less than fresh.


Most of the serrano chillies sold in Pakistan are green. Pakistanis do not use fresh/blended red chillies generally (no sambal tumis for me!) and use chilli powder instead .


I think these radishes look pretty and dress up salads very nicely even though I don’t like the taste :)

I like chalkboards and slates like these which are used all over the bazaar. It gives such a vintage feel. I just wish I had done a better job on the photo – so much noise evident!!!

Onions and Potatoes

Traditional balance scales… how quaint!

Back at home with strawberries to munch on.