Two years ago, in Shawwal, my friend Raihanah organised a Ramadan Outing for the homeschoolers’ group in Singapore. She delivered a short talk on Islam and fasting to the non-Muslim homeschooling families. They then moved on to various stations set up by the Muslim homeschoolers where they sampled different types of dates, learnt how to make a paper fanoos (lantern), tried their hand at weaving paper ketupat (Malay rice cakes cooked in woven leaves) and experimented with mosaic art. Two dads conducted a tour of Sultan Mosque as well. The day ended off with lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

My kids had lots of fun that day – they are always so excited to meet with other homeschoolers. They loved that they were able to talk about their deen. The day was all the more meaningful because their dad was able to join in – he travels a lot and isn’t always able to participate in any homeschool events.

We made a few printables that day and I thought I’d share one with you… It is a petal book in PDF format about “A Day In Ramadan”. Nothing too fancy – just a summary of what one does in a typical day in Ramadan. I hope you like it. *S*