Mahera, this is for you and your girls :) I hope they feel better… Jazakillah khayran for being such good pals to us :)

A little belated but I have been having laptop and connection issues. I hope homeschooling is going well for everyone. We are wrapping the year up and in shaa Allah hoping to move one to bigger and better things come January. This has been a hectic and tumultuous year and while we know that the only constancy in life is change, we would welcome some stability so we can focus on our “book learnin'”. I hope you’ll all make du`aa for us :)

My girls and I thoroughly enjoyed a special series called “Road to Hajj”. Al Jazeera followed Muslims from China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Panama and India as they embarked on the Hajj pilgrimage. We also watched two additional videos – one about a lady from Gaza whose husband was killed before he could perform Hajj and one about a lady from Kenya who saved for 7 years to make her special trip. We found them very inspiring and shed a tear or two when we witnessed their struggle and sincerity.