Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was an American children’s television series aired by PBS to promote the joy of reading among children. Hosted by LeVar Burton (how many of you remember Kunta Kinte??), each episode featured a children’s story book which would be narrated and accompanied by catchy illustrations on-screen. The books’ themes would be further explored in a fast magazine-style format through field trips, on-location adventures and interviews with children. Episodes dealt not only with Language, Science and Math but also social issues like slavery, gangs and homelessness.

The series ran for some 26 years, making it the third longest-running series (after Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It won 24 national Emmys, including 10 for best children’s series. The series is no longer being broadcast (the last episode was telecast in August 2009) but you can purchase DVDs from the Reading Rainbow site.

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