and back to…

  • family… all of you totally rawk!
  • trundling to the library, suitcases in tow
  • heat and humidity… oh joy!
  • my flat … ♥ ♥
  • our stash of books… how we have missed you!
  • pals … *wave*
  • Madventures :)
  • the zoo … we are wondering if we can repeat our 10-hour excursion… yes, we have done it before, I kid you not. We are nothing if not dedicated professional Madventurers!
  • Hama Beads… still love them!
  • Daiso … because it’s a compulsion…
  • Redwork … because all of Islamabad seems to be totally out of Anchor 47 floss

This blog needs more photos, no? Stay tuned in shaa Allah :)