So, I am quite the scatter-brained mum who tries to pursue one too many hobbies/online courses. Inevitably, something suffers … my house will start looking like a perfect candidate for “How Clean Is Your House?” and while there is clean laundry, finding particular items becomes a mad scavenger hunt because it’s in a gargantuan unfolded pile.

Marz is getting exam help at a tuition centre in the evenings (thank God… because I cannot wrap my head around Physics and Chemistry!), but Bear and Peep need a little more structure in their days. With the cleaning and cooking I always have yet to do, lesson planning has become a frustrating exercise. I always want to do more for them and end up getting bogged down by the nitty gritties. So what happens? I don’t even get to spend time on the basics much less get to the delectable feast (sorry Charlotte Mason!).

I was despairing over this when I chanced upon this resource – DISCOVERY K-12. This is an online homeschool platform and curriculum for pre-k to 12th grade. There are 7 standard courses: Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. There are daily assignments, logs, book lists … in short, everything you need to homeschool!

Their school term starts TOMORROW! Timely or what? I feel like I have been thrown a lifesaver! And you know what else? It is FREE. I kid you not, people, IT IS F.R.E.E!

So, if you need a spine for your homeschool or a springboard, this is a great resource. You can use it fully or to supplement. Check the site out by clicking the link below:

[Tree image by Pexels]