Ramadhan in Wisconsin was quite painful for us. Incidents like the shutting down of several relief organisations made us feel bitter. We decided to leave for good and alhamdulillah, for many reasons I will not elaborate on, it was the right decision.

I think about the efforts of those organisations and I feel a deep respect for their workers. I also feel I don’t do enough and wonder what ever happened to me… the idealistic girl who once longed to devote her life to charity.

Here is a book written by Suleman Ahmer… some of you may have read his story The City, The Girl and The Little Rag Doll at Islaam.Com. He has written a book about his experiences and it is available for download at this website. You can read the book by clicking on the link below:

The Embattled Innocence: Recollections of a Muslim Relief Worker