Despite my best intentions, I disappeared again… so I won’t make any more resolutions to be regular about maintaining this blog. ;)

A few things have happened in the past few months! Our homeschooling community in Islamabad has grown tremendously alhamdulillah and there are now loads of activities for the kids. Peep is actually out of the house 7 days a week now, busy with co-ops and sports. This has been a huge relief – he has two busy older sisters and being the social sort, craved company. I am so grateful that that need is met!

The older girls are settled into their own routine now. Marz is finishing up her IGCSEs – she has done reasonably well, no thanks to me! (haha) Alhamdulillah, I am so happy and pray that Allah keeps her safe and well on the next step of her journey. Bear is preparing for school – after much deliberation, tears and even more deliberation, this is probably the best, given her temperament and inclinations. She has come very far as a budding artist and I hope that she will get the guidance she so needs.

One good thing that has emerged from the co-ops – for me, at least! – is that I’ve FINALLY come out of my shell and led one! If you know me at all, you will know that I find it extremely difficult to take the lead in or be in the forefront of anything. I much prefer to do the grunt work.

Well, I don’t know HOW the heck it happened, but I ended up conducting a 5-session workshop on William H Armstrong’s Sounder. TWICE! It was awfully stressful and I did overthink things along the way as I always do, but deadlines have a way of forcing you to roll your sleeves up and finish what you started. So I did. Alhamdulillah.

In shaa Allah, once I’ve polished the resources up, I’ll share the teachers’ guide, kids’ workbook and powerpoint presentations for Sounder. We covered history, literary techniques, moral lessons and our deen, to boot. I love the book to bits and I think it has so many inspiring lessons. So watch this space. I can’t say when I’ll upload the materials, though… I’ve stopped with the resolutions, remember? ;)